Month: June 2014

Be passionate and Committed to the Customer

Be passionate and committed to taking care of the customer.

To be a successful business owner today, a company must focus to the customer and be committed to marketing. All companies have the same thing in common, which is to satisfy the needs of the customer. Therefore, businesses have to dedicate to understanding and satisfying the customer in their defined markets. Not only is a business owner accountable for customer satisfaction, he or she is responsible to motivate everyone in his or her organization to deliver superior customer satisfaction.

There are many functions in operating a business. However, the most important purpose is marketing because it deals with the customer. Establishing customer satisfaction and value is the heartbeat of the marketing practice and way of thinking. Remember, in marketing the goal is to attract new customers by delivering exceptional value and to keep your current customers by delivering customer satisfaction.

Here is a list of 10 companies how they deliver a message for superior customer service.

  1. Wal-Mart – Always low prices – Always
  2. FedEx – fast and reliable small delivery
  3. Ritz Carlton – Memorable Experiences
  4. Coca- Cola – has had many messages throughout the years: Drink Coca- Cola, delicious and Refreshing, Refresh Yourself, It’s the Real Thing, and Coke Adds Life (Coca-Cola Journey, 2012).
  5. AMC Theaters – Experience the difference
  6. Allstate Corporation – Your in Good Hands
  7. American Express – Do More
  8. BMW – The Ultimate Driving Machine
  9. Burger King – Have it Your Way
  10. Pier One Imports – Life More Interesting

These extremely successful companies know if they take care of their customer’s market share and profits will follow whether large or small, profit or nonprofit, and domestic or global the focus is on marketing. Therefore, we have to understand one important factor; marketing is not all about selling and advertising it is about satisfying the customer’s needs.

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